Windows Setup Gripes

I recently setup a new Windows laptop and immediately ran across some issues or things I don’t think should be default.


Winget is installed, but too old to work #

For some reason, the default Winget is too old to correctly install or update anything including itself.
I needed to install it “properly” through the Microsoft Store: App Installer

UNC shares don’t by default #

By this I mean you can’t access any network shares on the new machine.
Turns out this is because if you setup Windows with a Microsoft account, the local account that gets created to support it doesn’t get a proper password.
That means there’s no way to authenticate with the share. Even if you use something like MicrosoftAccount/ it doesn’t work.
I didn’t bother to fix it this time, but I’m 99% sure the way I fixed it was by ensuring password login was enabled in Windows settings (I may also have had to login using password at least once)

Windows sets user folders to Onedrive #

I noticed that the Desktop, Downloads, etc were all pointed to Onedrive.
On one hand, I can see that it’s useful, but I didn’t want that because I’m one of those people who dump stuff onto the Desktop and Downloads folder.

In my case, the main reason I wanted it local was I was setting up a powershell profile and it wasn’t letting me set it to Onedrive ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The fix was going to Onedrive settings –> Backup and unticking everything.

Right click –> New, missing .txt? #

There’s no option to make new files, only folders.
I want to be able to make new files, I don’t even care what extension.

These are all mild gripes, but I don’t think they’re good defaults.