What I Use

I recently mentioned Win + V in some internal channels and people are always surprised it exists.
So, here’s a list of things, both tools and basic tips, from what I think is most useful descending.

Ditto #

Many other tools like Shapeshifter, ClipX, etc do similar, but have more obtrusive UI.

Everything #

Finds files, always, fast, no fuss.

Gitkraken #

“Which git client do you use” is always a good discussion.
I like this one because it clearly shows the git tree/history and can pick a specific branch to view it’s history in isolation.

Fork #

I’ve switched to Fork from Gitkraken because it’s WAY faster, and the pricing model isn’t a subscription.
Pretty much everything from above is also present here, although I will say it’s probably less intuitive to use.

Azure Data Studio #

Way nicer and faster than SSMS, but doesn’t have most of the features.
Extensions can provide some of the more common features such as bacpac

It comes with SSMS anyway, so if you have one, you probably have the other!

Onenote/ Obsidian #

I only recently started with Obsidian, and I’m still not 100% sold compared to Onenote, but it does have some nice linking and organisation (i.e. clicking on the calendar shows the note for that day)

Postman/ Thunderclient #

Another one that just does what it says on the tin.
Can call API’s with various configurations. Thunderclient is a VSCode plugin, and is nice and lightweight compared to Postman, but much less featured.

Windows Terminal #

Better terminal than the standard Windows terminal.
Drop in replacement.

Powertoys #

As above, some handy little tools that expand on Windows functionality.

Microsoft Todo #

Nice simple todo app.
Has substeps, so you can have “make cake” and list the ingredients under that.
Has mobile apps.

Really useful keyboard shortcuts #

Other much more common things #