Some Useful Blender Tips

Some Blender tips and tricks that I’ve built up over my short time, so saving them here so I don’t forget them :D
This will keep being updated as I think of them.

Circular Array #

This used to be a weird, complicated thing about parenting empties with offset origins, etc.
Now, we just get a circle with verticies where you want them, then use Geometry nodes to instance whatever you want onto it.
So EZ now!

Edit View: Local coords #

shift + numpad 1,7,3, etc aligns view to object LOCAL coords instead of global!!!!
This is super useful if you’ve rotated the object away from norms.
e.g. You have a cube, you rotate it to align with something else, but then you want to do some modelling on a face of it but pressing the 1,3,7 combos now don’t line up. shift + 1,3,7 will align to local coords so you can!

Quick Geometry Nodes Displace setup #

The below nodes plug into the Offset socket of the “Set Position” node.

Basic displacement geometry nodes setup
Basic displacement geometry nodes setup

Geometry nodes weirdness #

Quick procedural wood setup #

No example, but just a noise texture with some distortion stretched on one axis, include bump map, usually based on the same noise texture.

Geometry nodes: Look at #

Have all instances look into the middle
Have all instances look into the middle