HTML 5 Video and Images for Web

I like being efficient with my bits and bytes. I bought into the webp image format train pretty early, adopting it when I made this blog.
Recently I made a video longer than 2 seconds, so I started looking properly into codecs like VP9 and AV1.
Lets take a look into some video and image codecs and how the new shiny ones can be used.

Nancy + Castle + .NET 4.7 to dotnetcore

Nancy was deprecated earlier this year, so I decided to do a full upgrade of a codebase from .NET 4.7 to dotnetcore 3.1.
It’s been a loooong journey…Nancy and Castle have been interesting to migrate away from.

Revisiting Av1

AV1 on FFMpeg isn’t so bad now!

SQL Performance Chasing

We’re moving a client to Azure from on premises and there were some performance hurdles.
They weren’t unexpected, and nearly all of them were database related.

Playing with Blazor in .NET 5

.NET 5 was released recently, with boatloads of goodies.
Blazor got some attention in this release, and I had some free time to play with it.
There’s good news and bad news…

Azure and The Performance Mystery

Semi-recently, we moved a client from On Premises to Azure with the promise that it’d be better.
While generally true, lately we’ve been getting reports of performance issues…

Caching MediatR Queries

Previously, I did some performance investigations in Azure. The cause remains elusive, so I’ve started looking into caching, most interestingly caching Mediatr Query results.

Migrating Newtonsoft to System.Text.Json

System.Text.Json was released with dotnetcore 3 in 2019, and has been improved in NET 5.
After recently upgrading this project to dotnetcore 5 (which was much easier than the linked upgrade to dotnetcore 3…), I was curious to see what the migration path looked like for a real project.

Some Useful Blender Tips

Some Blender tips and tricks that I’ve built up over my short time, so saving them here so I don’t forget them :D
This will keep being updated as I think of them.

Dockerising a Full Stack (SQL, aspnetcore, React) application with a nice F5 experience

I work in Managed Services, and we end up with a lot of projects on different versions of things (node, packages, dotnet, etc)
So I want to get a full stack project with good F5 debugging experience and easy onboarding that can run without those dependencies!
I succeeded! Kinda…